Tinnitus therapy

TRT has to convict our brain that sounds we hear are something natural . We learn to accept tnnitus so the sounds start to be unhearable unless we concentrate on them. TRT is most effective solution. Decreasing of negative emotion related to experiencing tinnitus it's a purpose of this therapy. Explanation of reason and its consequences helps with reduction of fear and irritation. Patient should be acquainted with full knowledge about disease and ways of treatment.

Therapy uses generators of sounds and hearing aids as well as fix-ups of both. Properly selected background sound allows to eliminate unpleasant experience. Therapy brings positive effects in 80% cases. Depending on kind of a problem we can use:

  • stationary generators of sounds
  • hearing aids
  • behind-the-ear sound generators
  • hearing aids with sound generator

These devices emit nice sounds of wind or rain, water or white noise and there are the most simple devices that suppoused to be used as an addition of therapy. This type of generators cause that we do not stay in complete silence but we are surrounded with natural sounds. It can take different forms, even sound pillow which will help us to fall asleep.

In case when tinnitus is accompanying by hearing loss, hearing aids can help not only correcting ability to hear but can ease signs of tinnitus either. Better heard sounds of environment can become a bacground for tinnitus so it can be less noticeble.

They look like hearing aids but they do not intensify sounds, they only generate white noise or other ntural sounds. Due to it tinnitus is less annoying or pass of entirely.

Remember! The effects will be faster and longer lasting the earlier you start therapy