Treatment of tinnitus

Unfortunately there isn't one effective therapy. It is necessary to treat each case individually because sounds of tinnitus can come into existence on each level of aural way. Eliminate them entirely is very hard also, however it is possible to limit them considerably due to good diagnosis. 

Treatment of tinnitus depend on its reasons. Usually objective tinnitus is cured by surgical intervention. Incorrect connections are most often reason of objective tinnitus. Surgery often allows to ax entirely or decrease ailment.

Therapy of subjective tinnitus is more compound problem and unfortunately, it doesn't always bring desired results. In some cases surgery is a good method also. In case of otosclerosis lots of patients reports complete lack of any signs after surgical intervention. Pharmacological treatment relies on giving medicine expanding vessels or improving blood supply to the brain.

However, it is impossible to find reason of tinnitus in near 67% of cases, then the finest effects gives sound therapy, so calld habituation (TRT).This therapy has to block transmission of nerve signal responsible for receiving of tinnitus , in order to exclude them from consciousness. It learns organism simply to tolerate tinnitus that it do not disturb in a daily life. Allmost 80 % of patient experience improvement due to this method.